Our Values & Behaviours

Our Values & Behaviours

GreenSpaces is a Learning Organisation 

One of the critical success factors for GreenSpaces growth has been its embrace of gender and cultural diversity to win the war for talent within our business sector. Thus, GreenSpaces is an equal opportunities employer that values and cherishes our content staff as being our most important asset.

GreenSpaces actively encourages, supports and facilitates management and staff in their endeavours for personal and professional development. We believe that in providing an all inclusive environment;  we create a culture of content and satisfaction for all our staff, in which achievements are recognised. Each member of staff is regularly reviewed and encouraged to suggest to management areas in which they and we can improve. “Kaizen” (continuous improvement practises) forms part of the GreenSpaces philosophy, which is applied within all areas of the organisation. 

Integrity - We understand that the reputation of our organisation is dependent on our actions and behaviours

  • We always act honestly, and consistently apply it in our behaviours, actions, and decisions
  • We are professional in our dealings with others, and always complete what we set out to achieve
  • We do not condone or participate in behaviour that would demean or take unfair advantage of others

Efficiency - We strive to eliminate all waste of any resource in all aspects of the business

  • We always remain conscious of managing costs and eliminating waste
  • We actively pursue and implement methods of reducing our carbon footprint
  • We actively look for ways to improve our culture of continuous improvement 
  • We each take responsibility for achieving or exceeding our on-time delivery targets to customers
  • Any improvement in efficiencies will only have a positive impact on clients and employees. 

Leadership - We aim to be inspiring and encouraging in everything that we do

  • We created and maintain an all inclusive culture through quality leadership
  • We provide clear direction and manage performance for sustainable results
  • We openly recognise and reward contributions made by others
  • We deliver what we promise – we don’t make excuses

Caring attitude - We show genuine concern and respect for each other, and we care about the quality of our work and the future of the business

  • We are aware of the feelings of the people that we work with, and always try to be encouraging
  • We take responsibility for our actions, and the quality & accuracy of our work
  • We value and acknowledge good performance, good behaviours and commitment to organisational success, and the total satisfaction of our clients. 

Open communication - We openly share our ideas, feelings and valued opinions with each other, our customers, and suppliers

  • We have a culture of welcoming suggestions and listening to opinions
  • We respect each other’s point of view, listen and seek to gain understanding
  • We discuss issues constructively, and resolve them in an inclusive and courteous manner
  • We have a written communication strategy, which each and every member of our organisation receives during their induction. This is a good reflective document that we work from